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Custom Wire Marking Labels

Every wire marker is typically a custom wire marker because it includes a unique wire identification code or number.  DuraLabel custom label printers handle this with ease.

But, with DuraLabel you can do more.  You can customize your wire markers to improve wire identification, add branding, or have the custom size that is exactly right for your wires and cables.

Custom Wire Marking Labels - Custom Size

With DuraLabel self-laminating wire wraps you can get wire marking labels with custom header sizes. You specify the header size that is appropriate for the cable being labeled, the font size you wish to use, and the amount of information you need to print on the label. We'll then make the self-laminating wire wrap you need.

Using your DuraLabel printer you can custom print wire marker labels to make them whatever length you need. But what about large diameter cables? With our service you can even get custom label sizes that are incredibly large to fit large diameter cables. Don't be limited by what you've heard from others, call the experts at Graphic Products to get the custom wire marking labels you need.

Custom Wire Marking Labels - Color Coding

With self-laminating wire wraps you can get color-coded wire marking labels. In addition to white, six custom colors are available for the opaque portion of the label.

Custom Wire Marking Labels - Custom Printing

You may custom print both shrink tube and self-laminating wire markers to include whatever information you wish. Include your company logo, or use symbols to code groups of wires or cables. Making custom wire marking labels is fast and easy with the DuraLabel brand of products.

Call Graphic Products today at 1-888-326-9244 and ask about the Custom Label Service. We'll be glad to give you more information about custom wire marking labels.

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