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First Aid Labels Signs

First aid labels and signs typically require multiple colors. Frequently there will be a red cross, identifying the label or sign as being about first aid. Text and symbols are printed in black. Another option is for first aid labels to be printed in safety green.

First aid signs are most often used to mark the location of first aid supplies or AED stations. However, additional applications for first aid labels and signs should be considered.

Signs should be provided to show the location of first aid supplies or AED stations. There should also be signs to direct people to those locations. When first aid or AED is needed, people may be confused. Signs pointing the way to first aid supplies can help calm people and quickly direct them in the correct direction.

Biohazards need to be labeled with orange biohazard labels. An additional first aid information label may be valuable, providing the needed first aid information at the location where it will be needed.

When you need first aid labels and signs, turn to DuraLabel Custom Printed Rolls. You'll have custom first aid labels made to meet your specific requirements. For example, the custom printed roll could provide a white label with a red cross, along with your company logo and an emergency phone number in large, bold red printing. You then run these custom labels through your DuraLabel printer to add additional information printed in black. This might be directions to first aid supplies. It might be first aid procedures. It might be specific contact or reporting information.

DuraLabel custom first aid labels can also be used for to display inspection schedules and to record inspection dates for firstaid supplies. They can be used to provide an inventory list showing the supplies that should be in a specific first aid box or station.

DuraLabel first aid labels are also excellent for outdoor locations. They are resistant to rain, sun, hail, wind and other weather conditions.

When you need custom first aid labels, call Graphic Products at 1-888-326-9244. You'll get custom first aid labels made to your specifications, and you'll be getting quality labels that continue to deliver their important message year after year.

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