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Hazardous Waste Labels

Hazardous waste labels are needed to provide information about the contents of containers, storage tanks and vessels, and buildings. OSHA requires Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labels to be on all containers holding hazardous materials. GHS labels require black and red printing on a white label, and will vary in size and format. That means that, in many cases, custom GHS labels are needed. These are available from DuraLabel and can be printed in your monochrome DuraLabel printer, saving you both time and money.

In addition, there may be circumstances in which additional custom hazardous waste labels are needed. They may required to communicate information such as storage location or container handling instructions. Whatever your requirements for hazardous waste labels, DuraLabel can provide the custom labels you need.

DuraLabel Hazardous Waste Labels are Customized in Two Ways

The color, format, text and symbols on the label can be custom designed to meet your requirements. You can include your company logo, name and contact information pre-printed on the labels. Warning messages can be included in appropriate ANSI colors. The label itself can be the color you need, allowing for custom color coding that can be used to indicate destination, contents, handling or whatever else you like to communicate using color. This supplies a completely custom "template" label to which specific information can be added.

The DuraLabel custom hazardous waste labels come on a continuous roll that can be used in your DuraLabel printer. You just "fill in the blanks" in a template installed on your PC, and supplied with your label, to add specific information to the label. The result is a tough, permanent hazardous waste label that delivers the specific information you require in exactly the way you want it delivered.

DuraLabel is the leading brand of custom label printers and supplies. DuraLabel is also the leading brand of printable custom labels. With over 50 types of supplies available you can always get the right labeling supply to provide long-lasting durable hazardous waste labels. Labels made with DuraLabel vinyl are so tough that they are the only custom vinyl labels that come with a five year warranty.

Get DuraLabel and you'll be getting the labeling brand that delivers tough tested labeling supplies and printers. Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about DuraLabel custom printed rolls for making hazardous waste labels.

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