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Health Safety Warning Labels

DuraLabel Custom Health And Safety Labels

Health and safety labels encompass all of the types of labels specified by ANSI Z535. These include danger, warning, caution, safety and notice labels. Health and safety signs also fall into this same category.

With the customization capabilities of DuraLabel printers and supplies, the effectiveness of health and safety labels can be dramatically increased.

What are the advantages of custom health and safety labels?

The biggest advantage is that spot colors can be used. The fastest and most effective way to communicate is by using color. That why ANSI Z535 specifies certain colors for label headers. For example yellow for caution labels. However, color can be used on other parts of a custom health and safety label to highlight symbols, for example. Or custom diagrams or pictograms, that use color, can be used. You can even include your company logo in color.

But aren't custom health and safety labels difficult, time consuming and expensive to print?

Not with the DuraLabel Custom Printed Labels (CPL). Just send us a rough sketch and we'll produce continuous rolls of labels you can run through your DuraLabel printer to add a final color to print custom text and symbols. You also get a computer template that makes printing your custom health and safety labels easy.

This points out the second advantage of using a DuraLabel printer to create custom health and safety labels. You print the text, numbers, symbols and barcodes you want on the label. The label content can be generic or completely customized to a specific situation. You get exactly the health and safety labels you need... every time.

DuraLabel Custom Warning Labels

Custom warning labels can be fully in compliance with OSHA and ANSI requirements, and include custom design elements. The objective is to improve safety through improved hazard communication.

Effective warning labels are concise and specific. Concise means the safety message is delivered using as few words as possible. Specific means the message is about the specific hazard. For example, a label that states:


is concise. However, a sign that states:


is more effective because it describes the hazard and makes the reason for "not touching" very clear.

Many warning labels, such as the above example, specifically address the hazard and are still considered "generic" because they are so commonly used. They can easily be produced by a quality thermal transfer printer such as a DuraLabel.

But, DuraLabel printers can do more. With a DuraLabel printer you can make fully customized warning labels. You can have custom label sizes, that properly fit in the location where they are needed. You can have custom colors. You can have custom text and symbols that accurately depict the hazard.

Long-lasting ANSI Z535 compliant custom warning labels made with a DuraLabel printer effectively deliver their message. With more than 50 types of labeling supplies available, using a DuraLabel printer means your custom warning labels can always be made from the appropriate material.

A common use for custom warning labels is to provide product safety information. For these labels to be effective it is typical for multiple colors to be used. DuraLabel makes this simple. The DuraLabel Custom Label Service provides "blank" label "templates" printed with spot colors. You then use your DuraLabel printer to add the final color to print custom text, images and barcodes. With DuraLabel, printing multi-color custom warning labels is fast, easy and economical.

Multiple color custom warning labels for industrial applications are becoming more common. In some cases a company logo is added. In some cases colors are used to draw attention to various types of hazards or various hazard levels. The objective is to use the greater effectiveness of color to quickly and clearly communicate the warning message.

When you need custom warning labels you need DuraLabel. To find out more about DuraLabel printers and supplies for making your own custom warning labels call today.