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Parking Decals

Controlling vehicle parking is an essential part of eliminating waste and improving your bottom line profits. This is most commonly done by issuing parking decals for vehicle windows.

How can parking decals and signs eliminate waste and increase profits?

Parking areas used for deliveries, and for getting materials in and out of your facility, should be clearly marked. For example, if you have multiple buildings or locations, be sure there are parking spots close to the building for use by your interoffice mail carriers. These locations should be marked by signs that say, "Tow Away Zone - Parking Permit Required." The vehicles used by those who are authorized to park in those spots should have color coded parking decals in the windshield making them easy to identify.

The next closest section of parking should be assigned to those who come and go from the building the most. An executive may feel entitled to a close parking spot, but if they work in their office all day, then the executive assistant who is running errands all day should have the closest parking spot. The parking decals used for this next section out of parking should all have a unique color.

The concept is to have those who come and go the most, to have the parking spots that take the least amount of time to reach. Of course, there are always exceptions. For example, to hire and retain the best executives it may be necessary to offer close-in parking as a perk. However, the point is that by using color coded parking decals you can control parking in the way that most benefits your organization.

Using color coded parking decals becomes more important when others have access to your parking. For example, when multiple companies share the same parking facilities or the public has access to your parking lot, your employees may be forced to park in undesirable locations. By using color coded parking decals you can reserve some "close in" or more desirable parking spots for your employees, and be able to identify when non-authorized vehicles are taking your employee's parking spots.

Color coded parking decals make it easier for security personal to verify that authorized vehicles are entering the parking lot, in particular when multiple parking lots are used. They allow authorized vehicles to move quickly through security or toll booths at parking lot entrances and exits. Color coded custom parking decals can also be used to help direct the flow of traffic in and out of parking areas.

Where do color coded parking decals come from?

Your DuraLabel printer, of course. Using your existing printer you can make custom designed parking decals the exactly meet your needs. Use the DuraLabel Custom Label Service to supply the blank color parking decals. They can be formatted the way you want and include your company logo or other graphic. You then use your printer to add the custom information needed to make each parking decal.

Parking decals made with DuraLabel printers are tough and long lasting. They are resistant to fading in the sun; resistant to moisture; resistant to abrasion, dust and dirt; resistant to cleaning chemicals such as those used in car washes; and more. With parking decal supplies from our Custom Printed Roll service you'll have long-lasting, effective, custom parking decals that help your organization be more effective.

Parking decals made using DuraLabel supplies can be applied to either the inside or the outside of vehicle windows. In addition, specialty materials are available for making parking decals that can be removed and reused, parking decals for temporary use, and parking decals for vendors and supplies.

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