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Parking Labels

Getting lean means eliminating waste. This includes eliminating waste in the use and parking of company and employee vehicles.

It is common to identify company vehicles using labels on the bumpers. Usually vehicle labels will have an identifying number or code. However, the effectiveness of these vehicle labels can be improved through the use of color. Color vehicle and parking labels communicate basic information faster, clearer and more accurately.

Vehicle and parking labels often are similar to bumper stickers in shape, size and the location where they are applied. However, their purpose is to identify the vehicle. Through the use of color additional information can be communicated, such as the authorized parking locations, the department or division using the vehicle, or the authorized tasks the vehicle may be used for.

Vehicle and parking labels can be used to identify those vehicles that are authorized to park in special designated parking locations. For example, vehicles used to move documents among various buildings might have brown parking labels, indicating they may park in reserved locations near building entrances.

Customizing vehicle and parking labels can provide additional information. For example, two color parking labels can be used to identify the department the vehicle belongs to and where it is authorized to park. Or parking labels used for employee's cars could include the company logo, and areas on the label can be provided for an ID number, the hours when the vehicle is authorized to be in the parking lot, and even the contact information for the vehicle owner.

Where can you get customized vehicle and parking labels? Make them yourself using your existing DuraLabel printer. You are already familiar with your DuraLabel printer and its ability to make tough, long-lasting, weather resistant labels. You are also already familiar with the wide range of supplies available for DuraLabel printers allowing you to make vehicle and parking labels for any type of situation – from permanent labels to temporary static cling parking permits. If you need a custom label that involves color, use the DuraLabel custom printed labels service. You then use your DuraLabel printer to fill in the desired information on the custom formatted rolls. It's fast and easy, and you get super quality vehicle and parking labels that continue to deliver their message through wind, rain, snow, and blazing sun – without fading, chipping, peeling and smearing. That's DuraLabel superior quality.

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