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Parking Stickers Permits

Parking stickers communicate the locations where vehicles may be parked. Some parking stickers also communicate dates and times when parking is allowed. Parking stickers may also provide information about parking fees, vehicle ownership and limits on parking.

It is common to color code parking stickers to identify the parking lot they allow parking in, or the hours the vehicle may be parked. By using your DuraLabel printer and DuraLabel's Custom Label Service you can use multiple colors and make custom parking stickers that expand the capabilities of your parking stickers.

For example, your parking stickers might have four blocks of color on them. Each color indicates a different time period in which the vehicle may be parked. When the parking stickers are printed your DuraLabel printer will black out those colors that are not applicable for that parking permit. Plus other custom information can be added, such as a parking ID number. The parking lot security staff can easily see which vehicles are authorized to be in the parking lot just by quickly glancing at the exposed colors on the parking sticker. It makes creating, issuing and using parking stickers fast and easy.

Color coding on parking stickers can also be used to identify various levels of parking fees. For example, a parking sticker with yellow showing might require a $5.00 parking fee, while one with a blue box showing gets free parking.

Call 1-888-326-9244 today and speak with a DuraLabel representative about the Custom Label Service. You can design your own parking sticker supply to meet your specific requirements. They can be formatted the way you need. They can include your company logo. And your parking stickers can use colors to improve the ease of communicating information.

With DuraLabel custom printed labels you'll get durable parking stickers that will deliver years of reliable service. DuraLabel supplies are resistant to UV (sunlight), weather, moisture, most chemicals (including car wash cleaning solutions), dust and dirt, and abrasion. DuraLabel supplies are the only tough tested supplies that you can count on to deliver long lasting parking stickers.