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Quality Control Labels

Quality control labels include a variety of label types, including calibration labels, inspection labels and labels specific to quality control.

Quality control labels are available in over 50 types of materials

Get embossable labels which retain handwritten information even if the ink is washed away. Use tamper evident QC labels to seal products or prevent access to calibrated components. UV watermark labels enhance security and accurately identify your products by providing a custom watermark on the label that is only visible under UV light. Our most popular material is DuraLabel premium vinyl which provides tough QC labels that are resistant to moisture, sunlight, abrasion, cleaning chemicals and more.

Available in the size and colors you specify

Use label color to classify the status, the type of item, or the tests that are required. Color communicates faster and more accurately than text, so custom color quality control labels can improve both efficiency and the accuracy of your QC process.

Use fluorescent QC labels to draw attention to the message the label communicates. Labels with permanent, extra strong and temporary adhesives are available.

Build pride in the quality of your products by including your company logo and name as a part of your QC labels.

Typical header text for quality control labels includes:

  • Calibration
  • Inspected
  • Tested
  • Accepted
  • Warranty Void Is Broken
  • Out Of Calibration
  • Failed Inspection
  • Quality Control Hold
  • Calibration Void If Seal Broken
  • QC Released
  • Sampled By
  • Cleaned
  • Quarantine
  • Do Not Use
  • Return To Stock
  • OK To Ship

Quality control labels may have just a word, or a phrase such as "Do Not Use" or may include specific information such as the lot number, quantity, date of the inspection and a place for a signature.

Whatever your quality control label needs, DuraLabel custom quality control labels help improve communication, efficiency and quality. You won't need to deal with missing or poor quality labels. You don't need to struggle to read illegible, smeared or damaged labels. With custom quality control labels you get tough tested labels that have passed our tough quality control standards. They're labels that last and continue to clearly deliver their message.

With DuraLabel quality control labels you can add additional information using your DuraLabel thermal transfer printer. Each label can have unique, custom printed information that includes text, symbols, logos and barcodes.

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