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Service Tags Signs

Custom Service Tags

Service tags are used to identify equipment and machines that:

  • require servicing
  • scheduled for service in the near future
  • are out of service
  • need to be inspected or calibrated
  • are ready to be returned to service

Service tags are also used to:

  • provide an inspection record
  • provide a calibration record
  • provide a record of maintenance
  • provide inspection, calibration or maintenance procedures

In the past paper was a common material used for service tags. However, because paper tags can tear, be pulled off, be damaged by moisture and fade in the sun, more durable materials are now typically used for service tags.

DuraTag stock is a super-tough tag material that is used for making tough tested, durable service tags. DuraTag stock is resistant to tearing, abrasion, moisture and fading in the sun. It is so tough that DuraTag service tags can be hung without a grommet. This reduces labor costs and makes hanging custom service tags fast and easy.

Since DuraLabel service tags are custom made, you can get exactly what you need. Service tags can be the size and color (including multiple colors) you need. They can have the format you want and include as much information as you need on your service tags.

Service tags come with a template you install on your PC. Use the template and your DuraLabel printer to quickly add specific information to each tag or group of tags. You can add symbols, text and barcodes to each tag. You get exactly the service tag you need.

Custom Service Labels

Depending on the industry the term "service label" has various meanings. DuraLabel is the label supplier that can provide custom service labels no matter what the application. Various types of service label applications are described below.

No matter what type of custom service label is needed, DuraLabel is the brand to go with if you want quality, durable, custom service labels. With more than 50 types of labeling materials available, we have the options available to handle any situation – from our popular vinyl service labels, to special label materials for marine, medical, laboratory or harsh environment applications.

We can provide service labels for temporary or permanent applications. High visibility fluorescent and reflective labels are available. If a professional image is needed, service labels made using metalized surfaces. You can even get service labels that glow in the dark.

Some of the service label types include:

  • Inspection Labels - these are service labels that provide inspection records, verification that inspections have been conducted, and can include inspection checklists and procedures.
  • Inventory Records - this type of service label is commonly applied to a rack, shelf or bin and is used to track individual item (SKU) inventory.
  • Service Record Labels - these labels provide a record of machine or equipment servicing. They can also provide the service schedule and servicing procedures.
  • Call For Service Labels - this label provides contact information for when service is needed. These labels can include a company logo and a marketing message.
  • Safety Inspection Labels - these are service labels that provide a legal record of required safety inspections.

Service labels can be custom designed to meet your requirements. This includes custom sizes, colors (including multiple colors) and formatting. Service labels come with a template that makes adding additional information, symbols and barcodes to each label fast and easy.

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