Are you facing an OSHA violation?

Let us help!

OSHA violations can happen anywhere; even small citations can have devastating impacts on a company’s bottom line. If you’ve recently been audited or received a citation, let us deal with OSHA. We’ve worked with businesses throughout the United States to reduce the seriousness of their citations, negotiate settlements, and navigate the complicated appeals process. Here’s how we can help you:

Have you been audited or just received a citation?

 We will: 
  • Advocate for reduced fines or citations.
  • Offer recommendations for a safer workplace.
  • Work with OSHA to resolve the citation by the deadline 

Are you in abatement?

 We will:
  • Review the violation and the facts of your case.
  • Help prepare paperwork and offer recommendations for proceeding.
  • Develop a comprehensive safety program going forward 
Let us help you deal with OSHA