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Lean Manufacturing

Improve safety and productivity. Imagine your facility increasing their bottom line by simplifying processes that boost your customer’s satisfaction. Use lean manufacturing techniques like Kanban, Kaizen, 5S, and Six Sigma Principles with visual communication to accomplish this goal.


Lean—Not Just Grandpa's Optimization Tool

Lean has been around for decades, but it still has its place as businesses evolve and retain vitality. Big companies' lean plans prove workers can be kept safe while maximizing production for years to come.

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Competing Definitions and Outcomes of Lean

Gwendolyn Galsworth of Visual Workplace discusses the two worlds of lean: One is the world of what works: what helps companies actually move forward, stay in business, succeed, and forge ahead. The other is the world of words and meaning, and how definitions can point companies toward lean thinking.

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11 Tips to Elevate Your Lean Machine

I don’t know about you, but when I’m really cooked from the pressures of life, a hot bath, followed by a good book, put me into “dead guy sleep.”

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Articles & Tutorials

  • Tools for 5S Lean Manufacturing

    Give your Lean 5S System the support it needs with the right tools. Learn more about these tools and how they can make 5S Lean Manufacturing more effective.

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  • Creating a Lean 5S Checklist

    A 5S checklist can help businesses improve productivity through cleanliness and organization. We cover the 5S system, explore benefits of a checklist, and more.

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  • What Is Lean Manufacturing

    Is lean just for manufacturing? No. Lean is all about finding better ways to do things, so that they require less effort, less time and fewer resources.

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