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A well-informed workforce is a safe one. Stay up to date on safety news, compliance updates, and industry trends with our expert insight and articles.

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Improper Hazardous Material Shipping is Costly

Every year, there are a list of companies that fail to properly ship hazardous material. Lapses in safety transportation procedures can cause injuries and result in costly recovery work. Companies can prevent those types of failures by implementing hazmat training solutions for employees involved in preparing shipments. Read more »

Airfield Safety Hinges on Communication

Safety is a top priority for all in the aviation industry, however, there is no shortage of challenges. Part of reducing dangers and improving clarity and awareness on airfields requires various forms of visual communication as well as other checks and balances. Read more »

EHS Leader Reflects on Safety, Success

Chris Laszcz-Davis had made a lifelong career at the top of environmental health and safety decisions for companies, workers, and global compliance. Her enthusiasm for health and safety seems endless with a rich history of working with some of the nation's top companies and sitting among other industry leaders at the heads of numerous organizations. She shares her ideas on health and safety, reflects on her success, and how she aims to help mentor leaders of the future. Read more »

Improve Quality Management for Global Demands

Technology is assisting in reporting more detailed data than ever before. Businesses can utilize this data to grow their operations globally and to improve upon their quality management system. This allows more focus not only on their products and services, but the means to achieve it. The lack of safety can be a downfall to any company and renewed quality management ensures that an organization is consistent overall in planning, assurance, control, and improvement. Read more »

Is Your Facility Fit for the Future?

Can your company keep up with the future demands of manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce? Technology is a crucial component to ensuring business longevity. The future of success in manufacturing requires changing with technology and workplace safety best practices. See how to keep up with the business times and keep a facility going forward. Read more »

ASSP Advancing Safety with Education, Research

The American Society of Safety Professionals has created a new academic and research council. The council emphasizes on the importance of higher education and research. It will use a combination of these educational and research efforts to advance the safety and health profession, and it will help strengthen safety and health education in other professional career paths. The idea is that this will get college-level people to be an active part of research and improve safety best practices, which will in turn help them to stay safety minded as they enter their future field of work. Read more »

Machine Crushing Victim Shares LO/TO Importance

A construction maintenance worker was inside a machine when it was powered on, which caused him to nearly be crushed to death. If proper safety controls had been in place, such as lockout/tagout, he would not have had to endure the anguish of losing full use of his arm, which ended his physical labor career. Each year, LO/TO is on the list of OSHA's top 10 violations. Improve workplace safety by training workers and utilizing a thorough lo/to program. Read more »

Tips to Make Air Compression Safety a Breeze

Workplace injury incidents involving compressed air are still problematic. Employers can help ensure safe use of compressed air by educating employees on the proper use of it, explaining the hazards, and implementing a safety plan and culture that includes compressed air safety. Read more »

Simple Tips for Workplace Chemical Safety

New chemicals are created every day for a variety of applications in industry. Working with chemicals and using them require careful adherence to safety best practices. Here are several ways companies and workers can ensure compliance and stay safe with chemicals. Read more »

Inspection Drones Take Safety to New Heights

Drone inspections are becoming a big benefit for businesses. These aerial devices can enter dangerous work situations and can safely evaluate areas where a worker may have trouble gaining access. This in turn provides industry sectors with new levels of efficiency, saving costs and limiting worker risk. Read more »

Make Your Nominations for NSC Green Cross Awards

The Green Cross for Safety is awarded for those who demonstrate excellence in safety. The categories for nomination reflect a variety of environments celebrating safety in three categories: Excellence, Innovation and Advocate. From now until Nov. 11, corporations, coalitions, researchers, organizations, collaborations or individuals can submit nominations for safety achievements, whether at work, in homes and communities, and on the road. Read more »

A Little Comic Relief Can Perk Up Safety Programs

Laughter can make any situation better, especially at work. To help boost safety meetings, safety and health managers and other leaders can strategically use laughter to build relationships and make important messages stick among the group. Use fun safety education resources and custom visual communication solutions to grab attention and increase safety engagement. Read more »

Warehouse Upgrades Reflect Rapid Growth

With the growth of online retail, the warehouse industry is seeing rampant growth. Warehouse and logistic companies throughout the U.S. are expanding and upgrading their facilities to keep up with that growth. Space is the place, and there is always room for safety. Read more »

Employers Dabble in Dangers on the Darkside

To reduce energy use and costs, some facilities are dimming the lights. However, reducing light can also reduce visibility for workers. Ensure the health and safety of workers by using smart energy reduction systems and highlighting important areas with visual communication. Read more »

Creative Teen Videos ‘Speak Up’ for Work Safety

Young workers are often less likely to speak up about their health and safety concerns at work. To help encourage teens to communicate and to work safely, the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition each year sponsors a video contest. The idea is that the videos allow teens to be creative and share messages of workplace safety to their peers. Read more »

ANSI Raising Bar on Powered Access Standard

The International Powered Access Federation promotes safe, powered access equipment. In a push for mobile elevated work platform operator training that is compliant, the Canadian Standards Association updated its standard in May 2018 and the American National Standards Institute is working releasing its revised standard for U.S. in September. The new ANSI A92 focuses on training requirements for the use, operation, inspection, testing and maintenance of mobile elevated work platforms. Read more »

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