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A well-informed workforce is a safe one. Stay up to date on safety news, compliance updates, and industry trends with our expert insight and articles.

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How to Avoid Three Top Welding Injuries

Some of the job hazards welders face each day are while working from heights, in extreme conditions, and in confined spaces. There are several simple precautions workplaces can take to ensure a safer work environment. Here are three of the biggest dangers to welders and how to avoid injuries. Read more »

Maintain Uniformity with DoD Labels

Military expectations are high when it comes to labeling products for MIL-STD-129 shipping and MIL-STD-130 asset management. Companies contracting with the military need to follow these standards, and it is important to use the right materials for thorough compliance and efficiency. Read more »

Take Charge of Industrial Control Panel Safety

As part of industrial maintenance, most workers will have had to conduct work inside control system panels. To troubleshoot problems, visual communication is not only required, but important to inform, remind, and warn. In control panel work, missing or out-of-date visual communication can be a hazard. Along with panel schematics, labels help provide assistance and organization so workers know what to do for the task at hand as well as helping them stay as safe as possible. Read more »

OSHA and SMRP Team Up for Safety

A fifth of fatal occupational injuries stems from those working in installation, maintenance, and repairs. To help improve safety in those occupations, OSHA and the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals are teaming up to bring more hazard awareness communication and mitigation to the forefront. Read more »

Safety Sign Failures Can Be Costly

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has signage requirements for safety and compliance. A facility’s signage and other visual communication can say a lot about that company: their expertise, attention to detail, and overall competency. Whether a misspelling, incorrect information, or event he wrong language, if signage fails, it can cost not only a business' reputation, but perhaps a worker’s life. Read more »

Exposure Report Shows Areas for Improvement

A report by the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries shows exposure limits in various industries are being exceeded. When workplaces do not follow exposure limit protocols there is a greater risk to employee safety as well as an increased risk to work site damage. Workplaces can boost their safety program to pay more attention to occupational exposure risks and hazards. Read more »

4 Wayfinding Errors and How to Fix Them

Employees should be able to find their way safely and efficiently around the workplace. When crucial signage and other visual cues are amiss, it can create an opportunity for hazards to arise. Here are four tips to boost wayfinding in any facility. Read more »

OSHA Reveals Top 10 Violations for 2018

OSHA shared its top 10 standard violations for fiscal year 2018 at the NSC conference in Houston. Rates of violations are on the rise, and OSHA reveals a new violation made it onto the list this year. Workplaces can use the OSHA top 10 list as a way to re-evaluate safety and increase hazard awareness. Read more »

Safety Tips to Drive Down Work Traffic Injuries

The Drive Safely Work Week campaign is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS). The week serves as a reminder for workplaces to focus on traffic safety to prevent workplace traffic injuries and deaths. Here are several tips to help workers eliminate distraction and make the work site more vehicle and pedestrian friendly. Read more »

Improper Hazardous Material Shipping is Costly

Every year, there are a list of companies that fail to properly ship hazardous material. Lapses in safety transportation procedures can cause injuries and result in costly recovery work. Companies can prevent those types of failures by implementing hazmat training solutions for employees involved in preparing shipments. Read more »

Airfield Safety Hinges on Communication

Safety is a top priority for all in the aviation industry, however, there is no shortage of challenges. Part of reducing dangers and improving clarity and awareness on airfields requires various forms of visual communication as well as other checks and balances. Read more »

EHS Leader Reflects on Safety, Success

Chris Laszcz-Davis had made a lifelong career at the top of environmental health and safety decisions for companies, workers, and global compliance. Her enthusiasm for health and safety seems endless with a rich history of working with some of the nation's top companies and sitting among other industry leaders at the heads of numerous organizations. She shares her ideas on health and safety, reflects on her success, and how she aims to help mentor leaders of the future. Read more »

Improve Quality Management for Global Demands

Technology is assisting in reporting more detailed data than ever before. Businesses can utilize this data to grow their operations globally and to improve upon their quality management system. This allows more focus not only on their products and services, but the means to achieve it. The lack of safety can be a downfall to any company and renewed quality management ensures that an organization is consistent overall in planning, assurance, control, and improvement. Read more »

Is Your Facility Fit for the Future?

Can your company keep up with the future demands of manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce? Technology is a crucial component to ensuring business longevity. The future of success in manufacturing requires changing with technology and workplace safety best practices. See how to keep up with the business times and keep a facility going forward. Read more »

ASSP Advancing Safety with Education, Research

The American Society of Safety Professionals has created a new academic and research council. The council emphasizes on the importance of higher education and research. It will use a combination of these educational and research efforts to advance the safety and health profession, and it will help strengthen safety and health education in other professional career paths. The idea is that this will get college-level people to be an active part of research and improve safety best practices, which will in turn help them to stay safety minded as they enter their future field of work. Read more »

Machine Crushing Victim Shares LO/TO Importance

A construction maintenance worker was inside a machine when it was powered on, which caused him to nearly be crushed to death. If proper safety controls had been in place, such as lockout/tagout, he would not have had to endure the anguish of losing full use of his arm, which ended his physical labor career. Each year, LO/TO is on the list of OSHA's top 10 violations. Improve workplace safety by training workers and utilizing a thorough lo/to program. Read more »

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