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A well-informed workforce is a safe one. Stay up to date on safety news, compliance updates, and industry trends with our expert insight and articles.

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Introducing Rigid Hazard Tape & Heavy Duty Floor Marking Overlaminate

PathFinder Rigid Hazard Tape, new from Graphic Products, communicates warnings clearly with durable, striped hazard tape. Another new product available in the Graphic Products online store is Heavy Duty Floor Marking Overlaminate, with a smooth gloss finish for easy readability and shine. Read more »

Graphic Products Releases Complete Solar Labeling Kit

In order to help mitigate confusion around solar labeling requirements, Graphic Products has bundled everything the installer may need to make the process easier for solar labeling. This kit, called the DuraLabel Toro Solar Kit, is now available in the Graphic Products online store. Read more »

Now Providing Solutions for Military Materiel Condition Tags

Materiel Condition Tags are labels that confirm someone has checked a given unit of materiel, and to identify whether the unit is ready for use, needs repair, should be disposed of, or is subject to additional requirements. The tag comes preprinted with brown, orange, red, blue, green, or yellow information. Read more »

Graphic Products Now Offers High-Strength Zip Tag Stock

Graphic Products new High-Strength Zip Tag Stock is made up of a waterproof polyolefin sheet material that runs through a printer, is tear and pull- resistant and secures easily to small surfaces with cable ties. Available in vibrant, easy-to-read white and yellow. Read more »

New at Graphic Products: PathFinder Lite Clean Room Tape

Graphic Products’ new PathFinder Lite Clean Room tape helps keep sensitive areas organized and pristine. Supporting an environment free from dust and other contaminants, the new tape outlines paths and cordons off areas in any clean room environment classified ISO 4 and below. Read more »

Graphic Products Rolls Out New Pipe Marker Applicator

Using a ladder or lift to place labels on pipes, ductwork, and circuitry in high ceilings can be time-consuming, costly, and unsafe. And retrofitting other tools to complete the task can be downright dangerous. Make the job easy, quick, and safe with a new solution available from Graphic Products: the Pipe Marker Applicator. Read more »

Graphic Products Now Carries Door Height Markers

Door height markers pack a punch in telling a would-be thief not to take action, even if security cameras aren’t in plain sight. Graphic Products’ door height marker is new to the company’s lineup, available in a 3.2 mil permanent, pressure-sensitive, pre-printed vinyl, coated to protect the printed graphic from UV, chemical, and abrasion degradation. They also come in custom colors and widths. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: DuraLabel Pipe Grabber Sleeves

DuraLabel Pipe Grabber Sleeves help mark pipes that are too rusted, worn, grimy, or greasy for a traditional label. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: DuraLabel Corner Rounder

The video examines the DuraLabel Corner Rounder, which allows users to extend the life of a label or sign and is easy to use and clean. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: DuraLabel Seal it! Pen

The DuraLabel Seal-it! Pen, which extends the life of labels or signs with an extra layer of protection at vulnerable seam locations. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: Reveal Edge Vinyl Supply

Reveal Edge Vinyl Supply is the new and improved version of crack and peel vinyl supply, which was split down the middle. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: Oily Surface Supply

DuraLabel Oily Surface Supply is engineered with a specially formulated adhesive made for aggressive adherence to greasy and grimy surfaces. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: HazCom 2012 Label Supply

The OSHA compliant label stock is used to properly label hazardous materials, like workplace chemicals. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: Extreme High Temp Poly

DuraLabel Extreme High Temp Poly supply, an industrial label product that can withstand surfaces from -40°F to 350°F. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: Heavy Duty Valve Tags

The WorkSafe Video Series addresses safety best practices and product applications for floor marking, lockout/tagout, lean manufacturing, chemical spills, and OSHA's general safety standards. Read more »

The #WorkSafe Video Series: DuraTag Stock

Facility features like pipes, valves and switches require identification tags that can meet the reality of tough industrial environments. Read more »

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