America Recycles Day: November 15

By Sally Murdoch

Pre-sorting your recyclables in separate bins makes the chore of recycling waste easier

America Recycles Day: A Reminder to Make Good Recycling, Reuse Choices

An office of 100 people produces an average of 20 bags of waste per week, which is equivalent to 290 gallons of waste, or almost 15,000 gallons per year. That’s roughly half a dumpster of compacted waste generated per office worker, per year.

As we all know, waste has a large negative impact on our natural environment. Landfill sites release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases from rubbish. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste.

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Many of us today are accustomed to recycling. In some cities, such as where Graphic Products is based in metro Portland, Oregon, recycling has become second nature. In fact, in 2012, Portlanders kept 70% of their discards out of area landfills.

America Recycles Day, November 15

America Recycles Day began in 1997 and its purpose is to encourage Americans to commit to recycling. It became part of Keep America Beautiful in 2009, a non-profit organization whose network of local, statewide and international affiliate programs work to educate individuals about litter prevention and ways to reduce.

The actions we take today will determine what kind of world we will pass on to our Nation’s young people. On America Recycles Day, we embrace our role not only as custodians of the present, but also as caretakers of tomorrow. Let us resolve to act boldly in the face of great challenge and encourage our friends, neighbors, and colleagues to join in the work of protecting our planet.

What Is Precycling?

The act of precycling is a choice consumers and businesses make in attempt to avoid buying or using items which needlessly generate waste. As a leader in industrial sign and label printing since 1970, Graphic Products has been at the forefront of green technologies, and recognized the need for precycling by making guides downloadable. The company offers more than 60 informative guides, with helpful safety topics ranging from arc flash labeling to 5S System Organization to Lockout/Tagout. As electronic guides, they’re easily shared.

Echo Printer has Recyclable Supplies

The Echo Printer by Graphic Products is the industry's only thermal poster printer with recyclable supplies. The specially-formulated direct thermal premium paper supply is BPA-free and recyclable all the way down to its cardboard core. Echo’s standard supply paper provides crisp and brilliant print quality with Echo’s high-speed print heads, giving posters a dark print, bright background, and excellent resistance to fading.

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