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Brain Injury Awareness Month demonstrates need for proper PPE

By Matt Wastradowski

March is Brain Injury Awareness MonthFar too many employees suffer head and brain injuries on the job every year, and the tragic truth is that many of these accidents can be avoided: A whopping 84% of employees who sustain a head injury at work are not wearing head protection at the time of the accident, according a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Brain Injury Association of America, working to boost employee safety, has dubbed March Brain Injury Awareness Month. The organization's campaign aims to educate the public about brain injuries and support people who have suffered from devastating trauma.

More than two million people sustain a traumatic brain injury in the United States every year, with 16% of those caused by workplace accidents. How can workers stay safe and protect their brains? Graphic Products offers several resources.

Understanding hard hat requirements

If knowledge is half the battle, workers should be familiar with OSHA and ANSI hard hat requirements.

OSHA’s regulations in 29 CFR 1910.135 require protective helmets while workers are in areas where falling objects may pose a hazard. It also refers to ANSI Z89.1 as a consensus standard for the technical qualifications of acceptable protective headwear.

The ANSI Z89.1 standard, meanwhile, gives hard hat manufacturers performance and testing requirements they must comply with when selling hard hats. The standard establishes two types of hard hats, based on which parts of the head a hat protects, and three classes of hard hats, based on their electrical rating.

Infographic outlines the importance of PPE

Our PPE infographic demonstrates the need for proper PPE when exposed to harmful substances or dangerous conditions. It covers the types of head and hearing protection required by OSHA, as well as eye and face protection, respiratory protection, and PPE designed for hands and feet.

Stocking up on proper head protection

Graphic Products strives to improve the health and safety of employees around the world. The company’s PPE signs and labels—protect workers against safety risks and promotes a workplace free of hazards.