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Does Your Facility Need a New Year Resolution?

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

facility safety resolutions

Well, it’s the beginning of another year, which means that many of us are thinking about resolutions. You may have considered some personal New Year’s resolutions like eating better, exercising more or just being a little nicer to everyone. Why not apply that same resolve to assess your workplace safety communication?

The New Year provides an appropriate time for assessment and adjustment for a few reasons. Holiday distractions that have been gearing up since mid-November’s Thanksgiving celebrations have passed. The world is getting back to normal with regard to productivity, scheduling, workflow, and workforce focus. End of year inventory processes have wrapped up and facilities are likely clean of clutter and excess.

So how do you best evaluate your facility safety communication program? One step at a time. Let’s start with general labeling. Are your wayfinding cues legible from points of normal approach? Is your signage consistent throughout the facility regarding type of message or color-coded directional cues?

OSHA compliance communication has to be a priority because it pertains directly to worker safety and you also run the risk of penalties and fines if an inspector finds compliance issues.

Inspect your departmental chains of command. Are names and phone numbers current for key decisions and emergency procedures?

What about pipe marking? Stand anywhere in your facility and look around. Can you identify the contents of every pipe you can see? You should be able to.

As a general rule of thumb walk through your facility as if you’ve entered it for the first time. Is it clear where you need to go for separate departments, administration or even break rooms and restrooms? More importantly, is it clear where you shouldn’t be going?

In addition to the diet, the exercise or whatever other personal resolutions you’ve committed to, consider the New Year’s resolutions for your facility as well. You run a greater chance of reducing, waste, mistakes, accidents and improving productivity, safety, compliance and morale.

We can help. Click here for a complimentary copy of our Facility Identification Guide. It’s provides a great template for facility label and sign assessment. Happy New Year from Graphic Products!