Every Dog Had His Day on Friday, June 24 at Graphic Products

By Sally Murdoch

Dogs abound at Graphic Products Take Your Dog to Work Day

Graphic Products' second annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day” was met with much anticipation for pooches eager to share space with their beloved best friends for a day. The annual event welcomed 11 four-legged friends to the company's corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Wagging tails on dogs of all sizes and breeds, from a pint-sized, personality-filled Chihuahua to a 110-pound harlequin Great Dane, made new friends and got reacquainted with old ones in the warehouse, engineering department, sales, and marketing offices.

While Graphic Products specializes in safety, the company also welcomes a spirit of fun among employees. This event was not without safety considerations, with people needing to prove that their dog had its shots with vet records and was not aggressive toward people or other dogs.

“I’m glad we took a safe but fun approach to an event that proved successful,” said Director of Corporate Marketing Kevin Eskew. “As a safety company, I like that we were flexible enough to accommodate so many people and their cute pets.”

Video Production Specialist Rafael Lewis brought his eight-year-old Chihuahua Nooch, a natural video subject who was the smallest but perhaps most vocal of the group. Matt Mootz in the Sales Department brought Daisy, one of two Great Danes he owns. Then there was Leah, a Golden Retriever who lived for dog treats, hugs and the occasional walk around the office, brought in by Jamie Coleman, Marketing Assistant.

While normally Fridays are a big deal around Graphic Products with company sponsored bagels, fruit, and donuts, Take Your Dog to Work Day added a special bit of fun and provided a productive and great kickoff to the weekend.

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