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Final Deadline for Full HazCom 2012 Compliance Approaching

By Matt Wastradowski

HazCom 2012 deadline is June 1, 2016

The introduction of HazCom 2012 changed how chemicals are classified and labeled in the United States. The new regulations generally aligned American chemical labeling with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS), already in use in dozens of other countries around the world.

In adopting the standard, OSHA set forth a series of deadlines that gave companies time to train workers, update labeling practices, and learn the new system.

The final HazCom 2012 deadline for full compliance is approaching fast. By June 1, 2016, all U.S. employers must be in full compliance with the new standard. This entails finishing their written workplace hazard communication program to meet HazCom 2012’s requirements, and completing any residual training (or retraining) on the new hazard communication program.

Our GHS resource center provides articles, videos, guides, and more to assist with labeling for chemical hazards, but here are a few more resources for understanding and complying with HazCom 2012.

Watch for Our HazCom 2012 Webinar

Graphic Products hosted a free, 30-minute webinar on May 25 that covered the HazCom 2012 standard and how it can lead to a safer workplace. The free webinar examines how HazCom classifies different types of chemical hazards, how those hazards are described on a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), what container labels need to include under this rule system, and more.

Request your Free Guide to HazCom 2012 Labeling

Graphic Products offers a free Best Practice Guide to HazCom 2012 Labeling. The valuable resource helps employers understand OSHA’s new chemical labeling rules, outlines the six building blocks of a HazCom 2012 label, and covers the 16 required elements of an SDS.

Get an Outside Perspective for a Safer Facility

Graphic Products has launched its Compliance Services, which include on-site training, consultation, and evaluation tailored to a worksite’s unique needs.

Our certified Safety Compliance Analyst can help your facility by making recommendations for complying with HazCom 2012, help you create or update Safety Data Sheets, and discuss required label supplies and other helpful resources.