Get Your Message Across with Echo

By Brian McFadden

Do you ever wish you could make your voice heard more effectively, reaching your audience instead of just getting lost in the noise? That’s where Echo comes in. Echo is a new large-format printer and enlarger, designed to make your visual communication effective, easy, and fast — at a price that lets you create what you need, when you need it.

With large banners and posters, you can quickly communicate with everyone. Locate your lost visitors with directions and maps that are easy to find and read. Keep your meetings running with clear agendas and talking points, without dimming the lights to naptime levels for a slideshow. Let your students out of their seats by creating team projects where everyone can get involved. All of these goals, and many others, are easy to achieve with customized printed posters.

It’s simple to make a poster with Echo. Start with any page — text, pictures, anything you like — feed it into the scanning tray, and press Print. Check the preview to make sure you’re getting what you want, and you’ll have your poster in an instant. Echo’s scanner uses Clean Scan image processing to make sure that your creations come out bold and clear. If your original document is smaller than a full letter-size page, no problem: load it into the included carrier sheet, and choose the part of the scan that you want to enlarge, right on the preview. No second-guessing, no feeding pictures through and hoping it works, and no wasted paper.

echo poster printer and uses

You can also print new designs directly from your computer. Use our powerful Echo Canvas design software, included with the system, to create designs with a searchable database of over six thousand clip art images. If you prefer, use the software you already know, like Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat; in fact, you can print from most programs, using either Windows or Mac computers. Echo is even network-ready right out of the box, so you can share it with your entire building.

Because Echo uses a thermal printing system instead of inkjet or toner, all you need to get started using Echo is the system itself, a roll of special supply paper, and a wall outlet to plug into. According to Consumer Reports, the price of inkjet ink can reach $75 per fluid ounce — so much that it would be cheaper to print with fancy champagne. Instead of liquid ink, thermal printing technology uses a heat-sensitive paper supply. It’s far less expensive than inkjet systems, so with Echo, you can afford to make posters for every event, instead of saving for the most important ones.

Echo’s simple supply gives you several colors to choose from, in two different materials. Premium Paper supply provides crisp and brilliant print quality, giving your posters a dark print, a bright background, and excellent fade resistance. For more rugged projects, the Poly Paper supply resists tearing — making it perfect for long banners. Using Echo’s Smart Chip supply system, Echo’s internal settings automatically adjust for the different supplies, so you don’t have to fiddle with the controls just to use new paper. Echo even tells you how much of the supply is left.

Now you don’t need expensive projection equipment or a complete print shop to create bold, large-format visual communication. You just need Echo.