Graphic Products Celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day

By Jordy Byrd

Dog Day 2015

The boardroom was overrun with tennis balls and dog treats during Graphic Products' first annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” The light-hearted event welcomed approximately 12 four-legged friends to the company's corporate headquarters in Beaverton, OR.

Pooches of all shapes and sizes – from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane – greeted employees in the warehouse, engineering department, and marketing offices with wagging tails and perked ears.

“The event was a lot of fun because it brings out a different side of people you don't usually get to see at work,” said Web Designer Ken Westfall. Westfall brought his six-year-old Great Dane Epona. The caramel-colored female was so large her dog bed spilled out of his cubicle, and Epona greeted coworkers with a floppy pink tongue.

Marketing Assistant Grace Fluckey brought her seven-year-old German Shepherd Lanee, who happily spun in circles as co-workers came to pet her. “The day was just awesome,” Fluckey said. “Lanee was a little shy at first but she did excellent.”

Video Production Specialist Rafael Lewis brought his seven-year-old Chihuahua Nooch, who was the smallest but perhaps most vocal of the group. “She was very excited and high energy,” Lewis said. The video team attempted to attach a GoPro camera to the animated little pup, but she evaded their attempts.

Director of Corporate Marketing Kevin Eskew said as a manager, he was initially concerned with disruptions and lost productivity. Eskew was pleasantly surprised. “I was quite pleased with the event,” he added. “We had a few minor disruptions but overall employees were very courteous of their coworkers and lost productivity was minimal.”

Until next time, it's back to work as usual for Graphic Products. Creating solutions for safety and visual communications is a full time effort, and these four-legged board members were too distracted by squirrels to get the job done.