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Graphic Products Now Offers High-Strength Zip Tag Stock

By Sally Murdoch

High Strength Zip Tag Stock affixed to small tubes

Marking small diameter tubes and flexible electrical conduit is both important and taxing. While the surface areas are small, having identifiable information aids assembly and direction, streamlines troubleshooting, and allows a form of instantly recognizable tracking. This is especially helpful for people installing wiring, cabling and tubes at data centers, control rooms, power stations, airports, universities. Marking “to” and “from” destinations is helpful for directions. Marking small surfaces is also helpful for troubleshooting because technicians can clearly identify cables and wires when bundled.

With irregular and small surface areas on tubes, flexible electrical conduit, and bundled wires or cables, an adhesive label simply won’t cut it. Graphic Products has an innovative new solution that will make the task of printing and adhering custom messaging quick and effective. The High-Strength Zip Tag Stock, new in the company’s online store, is made up of a waterproof polyolefin material that runs through a printer for custom identification, is tear and pull- resistant, and secures easily to small surfaces with cable ties.

Print Your Own Custom Messaging

You can tailor your messaging right from your workstation. Tags measure 3" wide x 1" high and are available in vibrant, easy-to-read white and yellow. High-Strength Zip Tag Stock is compatible with DuraLabel Toro, DuraLabel Bronco, and DuraLabel PRO 300 industrial label and sign printers. The materials may be customized to fit a variety of needs, and while they hang tough, they’re easy to apply and remove. The material, similar to Graphic Products’ DuraTag stock, stands up to most chemicals and can be used both indoors and out in environments ranging between -70°F and 200°F.

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