Graphic Products offers Google Translate Website Conversion

By Jordy Byrd

translated website image

Parlez-vous français? Graphic Products' global customer base can now translate the company's website into 90 languages with help from a Google Translate tool. The feature is user-friendly and caters to the company's ever-growing international customers.

“Many users are already familiar with the platform which translates easily to desktop and tablet devices,” said Jenee Ruhl, web designer with Graphic Products.

Users can click the orange globe icon at the top right corner of the website, available everywhere on GraphicProducts.com. A selection bar will appear on the left side of the window, allowing users to easily read the company's website in their native language, choosing from languages like Catalan, Dutch, and Arabic. Within seconds, the entire website will be translated accordingly.

“This tool connects our customers and potential customers with not only our products, but vital safety information."

More than 500 million people use Google Translate every month, translating more than 100 billion words every day around the globe. Many of Graphic Products' customers in mining, aerospace industries, manufacturing, and more already use the tool to create multilingual safety signs and labels.

The website feature gives new life to the company's educational and compliance resources, including white papers, industry best practices guides, and international regulation standards like the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, with the click of an icon.

“This tool connects our customers and potential customers with not only our products, but vital safety information,” Ruhl said. “Google Translate allows us to better engage and serve industries that have looked to us for safety and visual communication resources for more than 40 years.”

About Graphic Products

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