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Graphic Products Offers Updated European Pipe Marking Guide

By Sally Murdoch

Pipe Marking in European Industrial Facility

Operating safely means making sure all aboveground pipes are marked appropriately and consistently. As a response to customer demand, Graphic Products is offering a new European Pipe Marking Guide, updated with quick, easy-to-read images and text so customers may communicate pipe contents and directional flow, thereby improving facilities’ above-ground pipe marking. This free, user-friendly reference guide was created to help users keep people safe—whether utility workers, construction workers, or the people who live and work in the area.

With valuable information for general building services, pipe marking is made crystal clear with this helpful resource and training tool. All recommendations are for labeling European aboveground pipes, based on a combination of Health and Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996, common industry practices, and expert recommendations for efficiency and safety. The standardized label system allows people inside a facility to immediately identify a pipe’s contents, the hazards they may pose, and the direction of flow.

Presented in English, the new European guide covers:

  • Standard identification of label colours and what they mean
  • Colour-coding systems that show hazard types
  • Pointers on direction of flow for pipe contents
  • Standardized text to identify the material inside
  • Distinguishing signal words from the SDS
  • Label placement and recommended sizing dimensions
  • Pictogram examples in red and black

John Hawks, Account Manager at Graphic Products for numerous companies in the European Union (EU), states that this guide update was done in response to numerous inquiries. “Our dedicated customer base needed a quick resource, and this new guide fits the bill,” he said. “Aboveground pipes come into contact with so many substances and conditions, including oil, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and UV rays, all of which can lessen the impact of the communication. Labels must be industrial-strength, yet also easy to read from a distance. This guide will really help our customers figure out which communication tools to use to keep facilities safe.”

Graphic Products manufactures desktop-based and standalone industrial labeling systems that are capable of printing pipe marking labels on demand. The new guide describes printers that are the best match for creating customized labels, including the DuraLabel Bronco, DuraLabel Toro, and DuraLabel 9000. It also details pipe marking accessories such as the Pipe Marker Applicator, DuraTag, and Heavy Duty Valve Tags which allow a rigid base for smaller labels, and come pre-drilled to hang with cable ties.

For more information, please see Graphic Products' pipe markers.