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New Animated Video on Wayfinding & Floor Marking

By Sally Murdoch

Graphic Products has produced an animated floor marking video

Wayfinding and floor marking serve as simple, effective ways for employees and customers to navigate around facilities safely. They’re so important, in fact, that Graphic Products has taken an attention-grabbing approach to the topic of wayfinding by producing an animated floor marking video. This newest lighthearted video from the safety company is the third in a series, following such informative topics as arc flash safety boundaries and Lockout/Tagout.

Video Production Manager Phil Morton said, “Our team wanted to get across how important the topic of wayfinding is, and how safety can be accomplished easily with tape. Safety Managers know their employees and guests could easily veer off paths into unsafe territories when facilities aren’t marked well.” Morton also noted, “when you look at the positives of tape versus paint for floor marking, this video shows tape is the clear winner for ease and for allowing companies to grow and evolve their footprint.”


OSHA states that “permanent aisles and passageways shall be appropriately marked” (as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.22) in facilities. Graphic Products’ PathFinder Tape is instantly recognizable as a wayfinding system and comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and types for many applications. Graphic Products also offers a number of effective means for applying floor tape, as well as a comprehensive Floor Marking Best Practice Guide.

Viewers may access the video directly on, or subscribe to the Graphic Products’ YouTube Channel for an extensive playlist of complimentary safety tutorials and resources.

About Graphic Products

Graphic Products is an innovative leader, providing solutions for safety and visual communication. Founded in Beaverton, Oregon in 1970, Graphic Products places safety and protection of human lives as its number one priority. The company's full line of safety products and services are designed for the modern workforce. Graphic Products leads the industry with safety training materials, educational resources, and up-to-date news and compliance information on topics like arc flash, chemical labeling, and pipe marking.