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Now Providing Solutions for Military Materiel Condition Tags

By Sally Murdoch

Military Materiel Condition Tags help units maintain order in inventory

If you’ve served in the armed forces, you know that materiel describes the needs of a functioning army, sometimes for soldiers to complete a specific mission. Materiel is classified as what a military force needs to do its job, including forklifts, weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, or even a can of gasoline.

Under MIL-STD-129R, Materiel Condition Tags are labels that should be used “whenever materiel may become mixed during storage or shipment within or between installations, or where physical evidence is necessary for materiel control to prevent duplicate inspections, or both...” The tags and labels are meant to confirm that someone has checked a given unit of materiel, and to identify whether the unit is ready for use, needs repair, should be disposed of, or is subject to additional requirements.

Similar to how the 5S system uses color to organize and streamline workplaces, the materiel tags are noted with the following colors and corresponding Department of Defense forms:

  • Yellow: Serviceable (DD Forms 1574 and 1574-1)
  • Green: Unserviceable (Reparable) (DD Forms 1577-2 and 1577-3)
  • Red: Unserviceable (Condemned) (DD Forms 1577 and 1577-1)
  • Brown: Suspended (DD Forms 1575 and 1575-1)
  • Blue: Test/Modification (DD Forms 1576 and 1576-1)

It should be noted that Graphic Products provides both an orange and yellow tag to meet the varying needs of different units for readability.

Graphic Products is an Expert in Military Needs

With a staff including numerous military veterans, and strong connections to military customers, Graphic Products is a trusted supplier to the U.S. government and understands military needs, especially as they relate to labeling. The labels were developed a few years ago based on suggestions from military clients and became a standard-stocked supply as a result of listening to customers’ needs.

The Military Materiel Condition Tag is listed in Graphic Products’ HAZMAT Compliance section, and comes on a roll for easy printing and application. The tag comes preprinted with brown, orange, red, blue, green, or yellow information. The tags are compatible with the top-selling DuraLabel PRO 300 and the DuraLabel Bronco. The DuraLabel Toro is in use across many fleet and shore activities for various labeling applications, and Toro’s small, portable design enables secure, convenient printing without hooking up to a PC, network, or power outlet.

These durable, easy-to-read materiel condition tag/labels are print-ready and made of tough 3.0 mil vinyl film to provide lasting performance, even in harsh environments. In addition, DuraLabel materiel condition labeling templates are available for free from Graphic Products by calling 888.326.9244.

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