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Graphic Products Publishes Fall Protection Infographic

By Matt Wastradowski

OSHA Fall Protection

OSHA issued more than 7,400 fall protection citations in 2015—nearly 30 every workday, on average—making it the agency’s most common violation for the fifth consecutive year.

As part of its effort to improve worker safety, Graphic Products has published a new infographic, OSHA Fall Protection Guidelines and Standards, to ensure workers understand and follow crucial rules surrounding height-related hazards.

The informative visual encapsulates OSHA’s standards and guidelines for fall protection in various work environments. It shares relevant fall-related statistics, breaks down the different forms of fall protection, and provides guidance for choosing and using effective fall protection in the workplace.

“Effective fall protection is vital for a safer workplace,” said Jeff Woods, Safety Auditor with Graphic Products. “When used correctly, it can prevent accidents and save lives.”

For more information, read an in-depth article about OSHA’s fall protection standards and guidelines, requirements unique to construction workers, and more.

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