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Graphic Products Publishes Labeling U.S. Military Property Guide

By Matt Wastradowski

Labeling U.S. Military PropertyThe United States Department of Defense manages one of the world's largest inventory systems. From military tanks in Afghanistan, to office supplies at the Pentagon, the nation's oldest and largest government agency operates an impressive supply chain.

The effective system relies on a series of labels and barcodes outlined in the Identification of U.S. Military Property (MIL-STD-130N) standard. As a trusted supplier to the U.S. government, Graphic Products has published a technical guide, Labeling U.S. Military Property, in an effort to help civilian suppliers and inside asset management navigate this complex standard and manage government assets efficiently.

“While this system is complex, it actually simplifies asset management for the Department of Defense. This way, individual items can be identified, tracked, and maintained, without getting lost in the enormous Department inventory,” said Brian McFadden, Compliance Specialist with Graphic Products.

Under the MIL-STD-130N standard, labels must follow a powerful system called Item Unique Identification, which identifies individual items with special codes. These codes, or Unique Item Identifiers, are permanent and globally unique; this means that no other item in the world, even in the past or future, will have the exact same code

Graphic Products' Labeling U.S. Military Property Guide details how to:

  • Collect data elements
  • Assign data qualifiers
  • Classify items for tracking
  • Create identifying labels and data matrix barcodes
  • Submit inventory data into the Item Unique Identification registry

“The IUID system relies on a careful and detail-oriented approach,” McFadden said. “But when used correctly, it contributes to a more efficient, more effective, and better-equipped military.”

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