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Graphic Products Publishes Lockout/Tagout Infographic

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

Lockout tag on electrical box

When servicing or maintaining powered equipment, workers face a variety of injuries, ranging from cuts to electric shock. The energy driving that equipment needs to be controlled in order for workers to be safe. That’s why Graphic Products has created a new Sample Lockout Sequence Infographic, which shows the step-by-step path to control any hazardous energy for a piece of equipment before allowing maintenance work to begin.

OSHA estimates that proper lockout/tagout (LO/TO) procedures prevent 50,000 injuries every year, and the injuries that result from improper procedures cost an average of 24 workdays of lost time. “The solution is a simple approach: turn it off first, and keep it off until the service is done,” said Brian McFadden, Compliance Specialist with Graphic Products. “That’s the heart of LO/TO.”

Locking or tagging out equipment for service or maintenance can seem simple, but creating an effective LO/TO system requires serious thought and care. Once the service is finished, more steps are needed to ensure that normal work can resume without introducing more hazards. If steps are missed, the entire system can collapse, leaving lives and productivity at risk.

This lockout/tagout infographic simplifies the steps of locking and unlocking equipment, so you can ensure your written LO/TO procedures don’t leave anything out. Your workers can use to it as a simple reference, keeping the important concepts in mind and adapting to new situations easily.

“With this chart acting as a checklist, LO/TO can be as easy as it sounds without losing any of its effectiveness,” McFadden said.

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