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Graphic Products Publishes Wastewater Treatment Pipe Marking Wallchart

By Jordy Byrd

The mark of a modern civilization was once the effective removal of waste. Wastewater management technologies, including hollowed out logs and rudimentary street-side drains, were first used in the prehistoric Middle East and later in ancient Rome, where parts of the historic sewer systems continue to function today. But beneath modern societies across the globe is a decaying infrastructure. According to the EPA's Aging Water Infrastructure Research Program, U.S. wastewater systems are typically more than 100 years old.

Graphic Products has published a Wastewater Treatment Pipe Marking Wallchart which can be used to aid in the maintenance and overall system performance through an accepted pipe marking standard. The wallchart clearly illustrates how labels and valve tags are used to identify pipe contents, special hazards, and the direction of flow. These standardized pipe marker color-coding systems help eliminate confusion and maximize efficiency, as well as alert municipalities and public works departments to potential hazards in the event of a leak.

According to an EPA study, the amount of deteriorated wastewater pipes in the U.S. will increase to 44 percent by 2020 due to the nation’s aging infrastructure. Also by 2020, the predicted deficit for sustaining wastewater treatment infrastructure will be $84 billion, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). If the financial deficit isn't addressed, ASCE predicts 1.4 million jobs will be at risk.

Graphic Products' Wastewater Treatment Pipe Marking Wallchart can be used to quickly help facilities with routine maintenance inspections. In addition to providing a pipe marker size chart and application location directory, the safety resource outlines color codes for both water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. The color code guidelines are based on the well-respected Ten States Standards for these facilities, and identify color codes for water lines, chemical lines, sludge lines, gas lines, chlorine lines, sewage lines, and more.

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