Graphic Products Releases GHS Labeling Guide

By Jordy Byrd

GHS label on drums

Explosive. Carcinogenic. Flammable. Sometimes lethal hazards come in small packages and otherwise innocuous containers. Chemicals are used throughout industrial workplaces, transported in cargo ships, air planes, and 55-gallon drums across the world. At each point of handling, these hazardous materials pose a threat to human life and environment.

Graphic Products has released the GHS Labeling Guide, which outlines the international  standard for classifying and identifying chemicals around the globe. The most recent version of GHS, Revision 6, was published in 2015. This guide can be used as a safety training resource or chemical hazard communication manual in the workplace.

“As time goes by, more nations are implementing the requirements of GHS into their own laws, making compliance mandatory,” said Brian McFadden, Compliance Specialist with Graphic Products.

The GHS standard, formally called The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, also requires employers to provide Safety Data Sheets, formerly called Material Safety Data Sheets, so that employees are aware of the hazards associated with each chemical. OSHA has already updated its Hazard Communication Standard, or HazCom 2012, to align with GHS.

The GHS Labeling Guide outlines:

  • Revision 6 changes to the standard
  • Chemical classifications including physical, health, and environmental hazards
  • Safety data sheets
  • Container labels
  • The building blocks of a GHS label

“GHS protects your workers and your customers,” McFadden said. It simplifies domestic and international trade. And since the same GHS label is often acceptable in different nations without changes, or with simple translations, the system actually saves money for those who follow it.”

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