Graphic Products Releases HazCom Compliance Infographic

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

Training deadlines have passed for facilities to transition to OSHA’s updated hazardous chemical identification standard, referred to as HazCom 2012. But a learning curve remains. Hazard communication fell at No. 2 on OSHA’s Top Ten Cited Violations in 2014 and is routinely in the top five.

Facilities continue to fall behind the curve, potentially facing thousands in fines and jeopardizing the safety of their workforce, or show “good faith efforts,” effectively sidestepping citations.

Graphic Products has released a HazCom Infographic, which outlines OSHA compliance deadlines and details. By June 1, 2015 all manufacturers, importers, and employers cannot produce or transport chemicals in the United States without updated labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). This countdown infographic can be used as a compliance benchmark in facilities across the U.S.

“This countdown infographic can help you quickly get your facility on track for compliance,” said Brian McFadden, compliance specialist with Graphic Products. “Demonstrating ‘good faith efforts’ to comply can improve your situation if OSHA inspects your facility.”

OSHA’s guidelines on “good faith efforts” were announced in February, which outline that some manufacturers may not be cited while they await information from raw-material providers. Reasonable diligence efforts must show that a manufacturer or importer provided documentation of its substantive efforts to:

  • Obtain classification information and SDSs from upstream suppliers
  • Find hazard information from alternative sources (e.g. chemical registries)
  • Classify the data themselves

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HazCom 2012 Compliance Infographic