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Graphic Products Releases 32 Lean Essentials Infographic

By Christine Torres

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Beaverton, OR – What makes a company a lean, mean manufacturing machine? From 5S and Kaizen to Zero Quality Control, there are many programs that have their own unique benefits. To help companies determine what program is best for their facility, Graphic Products has created a colorful infographic that breaks down 32 of the most popular Lean tools. With this informative visual aid, safety managers can unlock potential individual, team, and organizational performance.

Lean processes are thriving as companies worldwide implement and sustain them to improve efficiency, increase profits, and strengthen workplace safety. The 32 Lean Essentials infographic quickly explains key ideas of lean manufacturing principles for a more dynamic workplace. Learn how these Lean programs work together and benefit each other, while also seeing real examples of companies who have benefited from those programs. Easily implement a Lean program starting with this resource, which effectively conveys processes that will inspire workers and excite program commitment, as well as enhance facility safety.

preview of 32 essential lean tools infographic

Silicon Valley’s RK Logistics prides itself on its Lean system, which uses Just-in-Time manufacturing, that was established during the company’s infancy. The company recently earned an award signifying its safety and risk management programs. In running Lean, safety was also an improvement. Rod Kalune, CEO of RK Logistics Group, commended RK's employees: "Safety is an attitude," he said. "More than anything, this award reflects the commitment of every RK employee to operating with a safety-first mentality - not only for themselves, but for their fellow employees."

Easily weave Lean principles into the visual workplace fabric of what is done every day with the 32 Lean Essentials infographic. Use this visual as a focal point in worker operations to inspire innovation, maintain superior quality, meet deadlines, while also adding value that benefits customers. Extract the value of a Lean program to improve organizational performance in confidence.

Start A Lean Program With Confidence

Graphic Products is an innovative leader, providing solutions for industrial safety and visual communication. Apply Lean tools and best practices using the company's full line of safety products and services. Get free safety training materials, informative guides, and up-to-date news and compliance information on topics such as floor marking, wayfinding, and OSHA. To improve facility safety and productivity, visit or call 800.788.5572.