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Graphic Products Releases Visual Communication & Disaster Response Guide

By Sally Murdoch

Visual Communication & Disaster Response

Planning for disaster involves more than buying a survival kit; preparedness today also means you have a clear visual communications plan in place once disaster strikes. Graphic Products has recently released a guide to help emergency response organizations coordinate efforts using visual communication. This guide breaks down emergency communication in areas where, when seconds count, directing people to take action with clear direction in an emergency can be almost as important as medical attention. Responders and victims need clear communication methods, including posters, banners, and labels, that work reliably under extreme conditions.

Graphic Products’ Echo large-format printer and Rhino cold laminator are excellent communication solutions for disaster relief operations. Echo requires no additional equipment or setup, allowing responders to seamlessly move from unpacking their equipment to printing vital information. Echo’s built-in enlarger saves additional time by enabling responders to quickly convert smaller documents into large posters or banners. Meanwhile, responders can use the Rhino cold laminator to protect essential information and to laminate signs that withstand the elements, without needing a power source.

Kevin Eskew, Director of Corporate Marketing, said, “Graphic Products places safety and protection of human lives as its number one priority. Disasters happen all over the world and people need to know that the equipment they have on hand will communicate during an emergency to the most people possible in a low-tech but clear manner.” 

When Disaster Strikes, Ensure Your Organization’s Communications are Covered

Here are some ways the guide illustrates disaster preparedness:

  • Posters can clearly identify hazards in shelters and camps. These can help ensure that people remain healthy and interact safely in unfamiliar environments.
  • Posters can outline rules within shelters or camp areas, such as no weapons or drugs, or can announce vital places such as the cafeteria, restrooms, and showers. Large banners or signs can create order in the shelter by marking key locations for medical areas.
  • Labels and signs convey essential information, such as locating exits and access routes, marking fire hazards, electrical hazards, or dangerous equipment and more.

Graphic Products is an innovative leader, providing solutions for safety and visual communication. Founded in Beaverton, Oregon in 1970, Graphic Products places safety and protection of human lives as its number one priority. The company's full line of safety products and services are designed for the modern workforce. Graphic Products leads the industry with safety training materials, educational resources, and up-to-date news and compliance information on topics like arc flash, chemical labeling, and pipe marking.