Graphic Products Rolls Out New Pipe Marker Applicator

By Sally Murdoch

Place labels quickly and easily on high ceilings with Graphic Products' new pipe marker applicator

Still Using a Ladder to Adhere Labels? Keep your Feet on the Ground with New Pipe Marker Applicator

Using a ladder or lift to place labels on pipes, ductwork, and circuitry in high ceilings can be time-consuming, costly and unsafe. And retrofitting other tools to complete the task can be downright dangerous. Make the job easy, quick, and safe with a new solution available from Graphic Products: the Pipe Marker Applicator.

Not only are ladders the leading cause of work-related injuries, along with lifts and scaffolding, they’re cumbersome and take valuable time to set up. The applicator can place labels up to 20 feet high in widths of 1/2 inch to 4 inches, and lengths of 6 1/2 inches to 4 feet, keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

The applicator comes with a standard 4 to 8-foot non-conductive pole to prevent the chance of electrocution and features a non-slip grip for added security and comfort. Additional non-conductive extension poles for 6 to 11-feet and 8 to 15-feet are available to help extend your reach even further.

this instructional video to see the applicator in action. This, and many other innovative safety products are available in the new Graphic Products online store.

The Perfect Partner

Graphic Products is a leader in safety and industrial labels, and offers a perfect companion to the Pipe Marker Applicator—Pipe Marking Kits. Made for a variety of DuraLabel printers and platforms, the kits contain supplies to produce labels in a variety of colors and widths. Labels are also designed to last through many conditions and temperatures, including chemicals, water, and UV rays.