Graphic Products to Host GHS Webinar on Feb. 24, 2016

By Matt Wastradowski

GHS labels on barrels

Beaverton, OR — From cleaning materials, to industrial lubricants and solvents, workforces rely on chemicals. Both in manufacturing plants and office settings, these necessary materials pose a hazard to human health and the environment. To better equip employers with safety resources and provide help with OSHA and international regulations, Graphic Products will host the webinar, Everything You Need to Know about GHS.

“GHS offers a consistent framework for dealing with hazardous chemicals, but many people still don’t know enough about the system to benefit from it. We can help with that,” said Brian McFadden, Compliance Specialist with Graphic Products.

The 20-minute webinar led by McFadden will cover the GHS Standard, or the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, and how it dictates hazard communication in the workplace.

The GHS Labeling Webinar will examine:

  • Pictograms: The key components of GHS labels and hazard information
  • Legal Requirements: International and domestic compliance requirements
  • Equipment: Creating and printing chemical labels in the workplace

Following the webinar, attendees are invited to participate in a question-and-answer session with McFadden using live chat functions. Attendees can register online for the webinar or call 866.927.8573 for more information.

“Once you’ve seen how GHS works, it’s easy to apply it to your facility’s chemical handling processes,” McFadden said. “Then, the global system can go to work for you.”

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