Hallmarks of Cool Customer Service

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

I was at the National Automobile Dealers Association trade show in Atlanta. The show was over for the day and we were checking out dealer receptions at hotels. It was getting late and we were all laughing and talking about one guy who went between the dessert table and shrimp cocktails in no particular order when our technical support guy got a call from a customer. Well Chuck snapped right back into tech support mode at 2 am and helped the customer out with a software issue while we were all traipsing into a taxi. I’ll always remember how calm and cool Chuck was.

Ron Tash at Graphic Products is like that, too. To better understand the coolness of a great technical support person, remember we’ve all been the flabbergasted, frustrated customer who just wants some help, some kindness and a little patience -- like the customer out on the oil rig in the Arctic who’s been waiting to print some labels now that the machine is finally here.

Great technical support is more than walking someone through a series of steps, e.g. “Go ahead and load the ribbon.” It’s about understanding that technical support is where brand loyalty develops. If you have a positive experience at 2 am from your tech support rep, then you’re going to fall in love with that company and brag about them to everyone you know whether they’re in your industry or they’re just your neighbor. Happy customers ultimately bring more customers. When companies empower technical support to “go off the script” to bring customers to a comfort level with the product or service, then a bond is established for both parties.

Great tech support people are teachers, too.

Here are a couple of major “did you knows” that I learned from Ron.

Did you know you can do mail merges and print labels in sequence? Maybe not the first thing one thinks of when purchasing a labeling machine, but this is a practical feature that takes the printer beyond industrial safety applications and into shipping, inventory, and bulk sort route applications. When a printer can perform your job function to this level, it’s exhilarating.

Did you know you can print photos on labels?For identifying people at conventions, trade shows, museums, schools, and security staff, this is a useful application. Apply the label to a plastic back for a professional look.

Customer support isn’t for everyone. You’re equal parts engineer, therapist and translator. You can’t predict the flow. You might get slammed or you might get a break. There’s always shipping forms to fill out and sales people with questions. But for people like Chuck and Ron, tech support is a calling and for us it’s gift.

Graphic Products offers three free support options – phone, live chat or email. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Chances are we’ve handled questions like yours, but even if we haven’t we’ll listen closely to your concerns and come up with a solution that’ll please you.