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Hot Tips for a Safe Holiday

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

safety resolutions for the new year

It’s the time of year to get your labels and signs into top safety shape for 2015 by following these tips.

1. Make your message compliant

The most common hazard communication compliance issues include pipe marking, arc flash labeling and ANSI Z535 safety sign compliance. Ensure you are up to date on the latest standards with our OSHA Safety Sign Best Practice Guide.

2. Make your message survive

Crisp, clear vinyl labels and signs add muscle to safety label messaging. New vinyl labels catch the eye. A simple inspection helps you find where new labels belong and when replacement is required. Make each New Year a reminder to perform a label audit while you get through your health and safety inspection checklist.

3. Make your message clear

Do your safety labels and signs clearly convey the intended message? Clarity of message is influenced by short, descriptive messages that say more with less. Learn more about Safety Label Communication.

4. Make your message obvious

Is it easy for individuals to find their way around your facility? Is forklift traffic well designated and marked? Are high traffic areas guarded with no-slip tape? Are public areas obvious? Are secure areas clearly identified?

5. Make your message visible

If your facility operates during hours of darkness, are usage areas augmented with high visibility labels, signs and tapes? Phosphorescent, reflective supplies can enhance safe operations through directional messages and highlight potential trouble spots like stair edges.