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Infographic: Placement & Color Guide to Floor Marking

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

Graphic Products has added a free Placement and Color Guide to Floor Marking infographic to its growing portfolio of visual communication resources. Created by graphic designer Joe Hanson, this colorful infographic provides a comprehensive rendering of the warehouse/distribution center environment and the functions floor marking tape plays in safety, efficiency, and customer service – all of which support profitable operations. Just click on the link above to view the infographic or embed it into your website.

“Industrial real estate is expensive and it’s got to be correctly used for the best ROI, so when a pallet is stacked too high, or a lane is too narrow, or waste winds up in an unintended place, then time and resources are misused,” said Steve Stephenson, Graphic Products. “In the best warehouses, there’s a place for everything, and everything has its place. Nothing is random. This guide was designed to help warehouse and distribution center managers optimize their space for efficiency.”

Organizing warehouse space with floor marking tape is also cost-effective when compared to paint.Floor marking tape, which is not limited to floors, is rugged and is available in multiple colors, shapes, textures, and adhesion strengths.

Floor Marking for Safety

OSHA  does not regulate floor marking colors. But for employees to respond to colors as desired, it's important for a color code to be devised. This is a fairly  typical color code, which can be adjusted for your custom set of conditions:

  • Purple for finished goods
  • Green for safety areas
  • Blue for parts organization
  • White for work areas.
  • Yellow to designate traffic areas
  • Black/yellow stripes for hazardous and electrical areas
  • Red for scrap material areas
  • Glow-in-the-dark tape to illuminate exits and entrances

Floor marking tape can also be used to designate pallet areas. Bar coding them to indicate stock type will add an additional level of organization and efficiency. Another safety application is designating a safe zone around conveyors or equipment with moving parts. Floor marking signs are essential for warehouses with forklift traffic and pedestrians.