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Is Your Workplace Prepared for Emergency Evacuations in the Dark?

By Sally Murdoch

With power outages on the rise, prepare emergency exits with glow tape to light the way.

Power Outages Are on the Rise in the US

Mark all exits and doorways with PathFinder glow tape in case of power outagesIf it seems like you’re constantly headed for the candle drawer every time the lights flicker, you may unknowingly be part of a national trend. Power outages are increasingly common as severe weather compromises electronic grids throughout the United States. According to The Washington Post, “Power outages of all sorts are becoming more frequent since 1992, but the real action has come from weather-related outages.” The article notes that, since 2003, “weather-related outages have cost an average of about $18 billion to $33 billion per year.”

Most of us have a steady supply of candles, matches, and extra water at home, but how prepared is your workplace for potential outages? While the Department of Energy (DOE) works to beef up power grids and make them more resilient, safety professionals and facility managers can shore up emergency evacuation areas with glow-in-the-dark visual communication methods so workers can quickly find their way outside. Organized, clear visual communication, such as in the figure to the right, is vital in emergency evacuations.

Way to Glow

PathFinder floor marking, wayfinding, and safety tape by Graphic Products includes a selection of glow tape to help light the way in emergency evacuations:

  • PathFinder Glow Tape is perfect for highlighting egress pathways in low-light situations for more than 6 hours.
  • Glowing Tread offers grip in excess of any existing or proposed anti-slip legislation and requirements in the US, UK, EU, or Australia, and works indoors or outdoors, light or no lights.
  • Glow Exit Markers should be installed close to ground level, where a person would be crawling under smoke in the event of fire.

Pathfinding the Way to Excellent Visual Communication

Graphic Products is uniquely equipped to assist with industrial visual communication needs. As well as PathFinder floor marking, wayfinding, and safety tapes, the company carries pipe labeling supplies and safety signage suited to a variety of industry- and location-specific applications.