Join Graphic Products on Wednesday, July 27 for our 5S Webinar

By Sally Murdoch

5S can help your facility through organization

Interested in 5S and How it Can Help You Maintain a Clean, Efficient Facility?

The 5S system is a lean manufacturing tool designed to improve productivity and profitability for companies. Its tenets are simple and straight-forward, literally comprised of five S’s: Sort, SetShineStandardize, and Sustain.

Get Answers to Your 5S Questions

One facet of 5S that’s consistent throughout all five 5S tenets is visual communication. Graphic Products’ 30-minute 5S webinar will illustrate the basics and origins of 5S, break down each of the five steps, and explain how the system can help your facility, especially through visual communication methods.

Interested participants may watch the 5S webinar to determine whether 5S can be tailored to their company’s needs. The webinar will be followed by a live Q &A session moderated by Graphic Products’ Compliance Specialist Brian McFadden. As a bonus for attending the webinar, participants will receive a complimentary 5S system guide to help improve safety, quality, productivity, and employee attitudes.

For more thorough examples of 5S in action, check out the Graphic Products 5s resources hub. The hub explores a range of 5S topics, all involving managers and employees in setting up, implementing, and using 5S on an ongoing basis.

More on Brian McFadden, Compliance Specialist and Technical Writer

One of Graphic Products’ regulatory experts, Brian McFadden hosts the company's informative webinars and has led a course on electrical hazard labeling at the EasyPower World conference. He holds an OSHA-30 certification in general industry safety and compliance, and serves as an active member of the safety committee at the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Fascinated by metallurgy, Brian is an aspiring metalsmith who builds armor in his spare time.

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