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Join Us for the Labeling for Arc Flash Webinar January 25, 2017

By Sally Murdoch

DuraLabel Toro displays an arc flash hazard label

How can signs and labels protect workers from dangerous arc flash hazards? Find out with our latest webinar, Labeling for Arc Flash Hazards, to be held Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 10:30 am PST. Arc flash is a real danger to many workers across many industries, but it’s also highly preventable through warning signs and labels that grab workers’ attention by warning of possible electrical dangers.

How Arc Flash Labeling Will Help You

Thousands of people have turned to Graphic Products' complimentary webinars to learn safety basics and visual communication best practices. Led by Compliance Specialist Brian McFadden, Graphic Products’ webinars are one of many resources we provide to help improve safety throughout your facility. This webinar will help you:

  • Improve electrical safety through visual communication
  • Understand legal requirements and industry standards
  • Create NFPA-compliant arc flash labels
  • Protect yourself and your workers from arc flash hazards

As a bonus for attending, all participants will receive the Practical Solution Guide to Arc Flash Hazards, developed by EasyPower. This valuable resource helps fulfill arc flash training needs, details requirements for arc flash compliance, and more.

Arc flash labeling webinar to be held January 25, 2017, 10:30 am PST
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The best printers for arc flash warning labels use a printing process called “thermal transfer,” where a solid resin (or “ink”) is transferred from a supply ribbon onto a label stock. This provides a long-lasting print with excellent resistance to abrasion, water, chemical exposure, and temperature variation. DuraLabel thermal transfer printers from Graphic Products are suitable for arc flash labeling, including the DuraLabel Toro, DuraLabel Bronco, and the DuraLabel PRO Series printers.

Brian McFadden, Compliance Specialist and Technical Writer

One of Graphic Products’ regulatory experts, Brian McFadden hosts the company's informative webinars and has led a course on electrical hazard labeling at the EasyPower World conference. He holds an OSHA-30 certification in general industry safety and compliance, and serves as an active member of the safety committee at the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Fascinated by metallurgy, Brian is an aspiring metalsmith who builds armor in his spare time.

More on Graphic Products

Graphic Products is an innovative leader, providing solutions for safety and visual communication. Founded in Beaverton, Oregon in 1970, Graphic Products places safety and protection of human lives as its number one priority. The company's full line of safety products and services are designed for the modern workforce. Graphic Products leads the industry with safety training materials, educational resources, and up-to-date news and compliance information on topics like arc flash, chemical labeling, and pipe marking.

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