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LogistXGames Promote Teamwork & Warehouse Safety Standards

By Jordy Byrd

Think you're good with a pallet jack? New Jersey hosted the 2015 LogistXGames, a series of industrial competitions geared for workers in warehouse facilities. The annual competition, now in its eighth year, promotes the logistics industry through head-to-head challenges that build employee pride, establish teamwork principles, and reinforce safety standards vital to the industry.

This year's competition, won by a team from jewelry makers Tiffany & Co., was hosted by the Material Handling Society of New Jersey and the CBRE New Jersey industrial real estate firm. The games included the following events:

  • The Pallet Puzzle Sprint: A team of three will assemble and place 32 different-sized boxes on a pallet. The team with the quickest assembly and stacking time wins.
  • Pallet Jack Relay: Using a pallet jack, the 3-person teams run their pallet through an obstacle course. Teams must complete the obstacle course with all boxes on the pallet.
  • Pick Pack Hurdle: The same 3-person teams then move their boxes from their pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing both positions and SKU’s.
  • Box Put: Teams will have packed one box, during the Pallet Puzzle Sprint, with bottled Kentucky spirits using provided packing material. One team member will then throw the box for distance without breaking the contents.

Warehouse Safety

More than 145,000 people work in U.S. warehouses, processing and shipping goods that enable the American way of life. Potential hazards and unsafe conditions are numerous. According to OSHA, the fatal injury rate for warehousing is higher than the national average for all industries.

Graphic Products has released a Warehouse Safety Hazards & Solutions Guide to serve as a safety training tool and resource for the warehousing industry. The guide identifies hazards and presents solutions based on OSHA standards and guidelines; it can be used as a training tool for day-to-day operations, and in preparation for your team's entry into next year's LogistXGames. Visit the event's website to sign up for, or host the next event.