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Tips to Prepare for National Forklift Safety Day

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

forklift safety in a warehouse

One million forklifts are in operation at U.S. job sites, and stats point to one in 10 of these forklifts being involved in an accident before the year ends. Forklift accidents cause 20,000 injuries every year, some of them fatal, costing companies more than $135 million every year. About 22% of fatal accidents are due to forklifts being overturned. Finally, powered industrial truck hazards are routinely listed among OSHA’s top 10 violations, netting the seventh spot for 2018. 

Moving Toward Safety with National Forklift Safety Day

The above statistics underscore the need for National Forklift Safety Day. The event serves as a focal point for manufacturers to highlight the safe use of forklifts and the importance of operator training as it encourages safer behavior in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. According to the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), the organization that founded Forklift Safety Day, the day provides an opportunity for the industry to educate customers, the public, and government officials about safe forklift operation.

The message the ITA wants to reinforce the most is that forklift operator training is a critical component to ensuring safety in the workplace. Here are a few tips and resources to share at any workplace meeting on Forklift Safety Day, or any day:10 Rules for Forklift Safety Infographic

  • Engaging visuals: Enhance workplace safety using the 10 Rules for Forklift Safety infographic. This colorful resource examines forklift operation rules and regulations, lays out important statistics, and provides tips for eliminating forklift hazards and enhancing safety. 
  • Safety best practices: Learn simple ways to improve forklift and overall safety with the Warehouse Safety Guide
  • Pedestrian safety: Floor marking can keep forklift operators and pedestrians safe. Keeping traffic patterns consistent with floor marking plays a large role in forklift safety. Get the job done right the first time using PathFinder Floor Marking products as well as a Floor Marking Guide.
  • Help worker see the signs: Signage can keep forklift operators and pedestrians safe too. While PathFinder tapes keep traffic patterns moving independently, preprinted forklift caution signs let employees know that forklifts and powered industrial trucks may be present in a particular area, and advise caution.