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National Poison Prevention Week underscores importance of proper PPE

By Matt Wastradowski

Proper PPE can protect against poisons in the workplace.

Hazard communication was the second most-common OSHA violation in 2017 (the fifth consecutive year it’s held that distinction), and respiratory protection violations were the fourth most common violation for the sixth consecutive year.

National Poison Prevention Week, established in 1961 by the U.S. Congress, aims to curb these numbers and prevent the two million poisonings reported each year to United States poison centers. The important week is coming up March 20-26, 2016.

How can employees reduce the risk of poison-induced illness or injury in the workplace? Graphic Products offers a few solutions on staying safe and limiting exposure to destructive materials.

Get a PPE primer

This PPE infographic, produced by Graphic Products, demonstrates the need for suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) when exposed to harmful substances. It covers the types of protection required by OSHA, as well as how they can help around the jobsite.

Wear proper PPE

Poisons and hazardous chemicals are present in nearly every industry, including agriculture, shipping, construction, and the medical field.

No matter where you work, it’s important to wear proper PPE to protect against dangerous chemicals, airborne hazards, and other poisons present on jobsites. Learn more about when PPE may be required, which types should be used, and how it can help keep employees safe.

Stock up and stay safe

Graphic Products strives to ensure the safety and health of employees around the world. The company’s line of PPE —including respiratory protection signage, as well as protective equipment for the eyes, face, hands, and feet— defends against dangerous chemicals and promotes a workplace free of hazards. Graphic Products also carries an extensive line of multimedia training materials on hazard communication, PPE, chemicals, and more.