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National Safety Stand-Down Underscores Importance of Fall Protection

By Matt Wastradowski

OSHA National Safety Stand-Down

OSHA inspectors issued 7,402 fall protection citations in 2015, making it the agency’s most-common violation for the fifth consecutive year.

Yet these violations and hazards can be prevented with diligence on the jobsite, proper training, and effective fall protection.

To that end, OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down, happening May 2-6, 2016, works to minimize the number of workplace falls and improve worker safety. The event is held with construction work in mind, but employers and employees across all industries will take time to discuss fall protection, educate themselves on how to stay safe, and take part in vital training programs.

Infographic outlines hazards and vital information

Graphic Products has produced an infographic concerning fall safety.

OSHA Fall Protection Guidelines and Standards works to raise awareness of fall hazards through statistics, rules for various methods of fall protection, and instructions for safely using scaffolding, toeboards, guardrails, ladders, and safety nets.

Breaking down key rules and guidelines

OSHA provides numerous fall protection standards and guidelines. Learn more about the rules, which cover the various forms of effective fall protection, key requirements, ladder and construction site safety, and more.

OSHA offers fall protection resources

OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down website provides training materials, videos, and more to help employers maintain a safe workplace.

OSHA also has an extensive Fall Prevention Campaign website with tips, educational materials, training, and more.

Safety services, training, and equipment—all from Graphic Products

Graphic Products strives for safer workplaces around the world.

Our Compliance Assessment Services provide an on-site review of fall protection efforts, recommendations for furthering worker safety, and best practices for safe workplaces.

Our line of fall protection training materials can educate workers in general industry and construction environments on hazards and best practices. Choose from booklets, posters, DVD kits, and more.