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National Work Zone Awareness Week highlights worker safety

By Matt Wastradowski

National Work Zone Awareness Week

Warmer temperatures are thawing out much of the United States, bringing work crews back to the blacktop to repair and improve the nation’s roadways.

Against that backdrop, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration is declaring April 11-15, 2016 National Work Zone Awareness Week to help improve motorist and worker safety in roadway work zones.

How can workers stay safe in construction zones, amid automobiles, and around potential hazards? Here are a few solutions.

Get an Overview of PPE Requirements with Informative Infographic

This PPE infographic demonstrates the need for proper PPE in various circumstances to protect against harmful substances, dangerous conditions, and common hazards (such as extreme temperatures).

Know and Understand Hard Hat Requirements

Hard hats are commonly required on construction jobsites and can protect workers from life-altering injuries or even death from falling objects. Together, OSHA and ANSI have provided regulations to follow and instructions for abiding by those rules.

Learn more about requirements for selecting and wearing hard hats on the job.

Ensure You’re Properly Trained

Given the risky nature of working in construction sites and on work zones, it can be difficult to know the rules, regulations, and best practices in place to keep employees safe.

Take steps toward a safer work zone with the right training tools. Graphic Products’ construction training package provides everything you need, in both English and Spanish, to help employees stay safe on the jobsite, while the personal protective equipment training materials—available as a poster, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and booklet—helps workers stay safe in construction environments.

Learn About Recordkeeping Best Practices and Regulations

Despite these precautions, accidents still happen. Ensure you’re prepared and that you respond appropriately to injuries on the jobsite.

OSHA updated its recordkeeping rule regarding severe injuries in 2015, impacting employees in more than two dozen industries. The rule, which provides timelines for employers to report work-related fatalities, hospitalizations, and other serious injuries, has far-reaching implications for construction work zones.

Stock Up on Proper PPE

Graphic Products strives to improve the health and safety of employees around the world. The company’s PPE signs and labels for the head and face, heat stress supplies, and high-visibility apparel ensure workers are protected against safety risks and hazards.