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New at Graphic Products: PathFinder Lite Clean Room Tape

By Sally Murdoch

Cleanroom tape keeps sensitive environments organized.

Organize Clean Room Work While Keeping Environments Pristine

Organization and clean room (or cleanroom) environments go hand in hand. According to a Pharmacy, Purchasing and Products Magazine article about designing clean rooms, “It’s important to avoid workflow patterns that retrace steps. Overlapping workflows create inefficiencies and increase the risk of mix-ups and cross-contamination…labeling areas must be made to avoid points of confusion when designing the clean room.”

Graphic Products’ new PathFinder Lite Clean Room tape addresses these inefficiencies by keeping sensitive areas organized and pristine. Supporting an environment free from dust and other contaminants, the new tape:

  • Outlines paths and cordons off areas in clean room environments classified ISO 4 and below
  • Works in environments between 40°F and 175°F
  • Stands up to steam sterilization and dry heat applications
  • Resists mild solvents and acids

Protection from Our Doors to Yours

Protecting your clean room environment with tape begins long before the product reaches your door. Graphic Products goes to great lengths to keep the product clean once shipped. This is accomplished by winding the tape on a plastic core and sealing it in an oxygen-purged, nitrogen-filled bag to prevent pollutants and particles from contaminating the supply in transit.

The rubber-backed vinyl, available in widths of 1" to 4", is available in white, red, orange, black, green, blue, yellow, and purple, as well as three hazard color combinations: black and yellow, black and white, and red and white.

Here to Help

Graphic Products is a leading supplier of custom label- and sign-making equipment and supplies, and is uniquely equipped to assist with visual communication needs. PathFinder floor marking and safety tapes can improve safety, establish key areas, and increase efficiency in workspaces of all sizes and sensitivities.