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Optimizing the Making of Bonbons with Kanban

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

Here at Graphic Products, we offer a range of products and guides customized specifically for Lean Manufacturing including Kaizen, Kanban and 5S. The most popular Lean program with our customers has been 5S, which is considered by many to be the easiest Lean philosophy to implement, perhaps because it’s basically about organizing and identifying resources.

Lately interest in our Kanban resources has trended up. Kanban is the Lean Manufacturing system for optimizing production processes, and its growing popularity makes perfect sense considering the need for manufacturing businesses to optimize efficiencies in this challenging economic climate.

Kanban can grow into as complex a system as a company deems necessary, but the basic principle remains consistent. Simply put, a Kanban process includes three production steps: To Do, Doing and Done. We’ve put together a whimsical 60 second video on implementing Kanban to make those irresistible chocolate sweets, bonbons. Take look and let us know what you think.