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OSHA Plan for Fine Increase Kicks In

By Christine Torres

OSHA penalties for violations of workplace safety have increased.

Inflation has its evil grip on every corner of financial responsibility. Effective Jan. 23, 2019, to adjust for inflation, OSHA has upped the maximum monetary penalty amounts for violations of its standards and regulations. This year, any willful and repeat violations can expect to incur fines of as much as $132,598. This 2.5% increase results from the Department of Labor’s Civil Penalty ruling enacted in 2015, which allows for year-to-year change for inflation. Work related injuries are on an upward trend with reported incidents growing over the past few years. An effective training strategy and visual communication can help prevent workplace violations and hefty fines.

Take Training to a New Level

OSHA requires employers to provide training to workers who face potential hazards on the job. Safety professionals can encounter an array of challenges when it comes to training. A recent occupational safety poll by United Academy found these five challenges:

  • Keeping workers in a safety mind-set
  • Budget constraints
  • Training multigenerational workers
  • Time restraints
  • Keeping training fresh

OSHA penalties for violations of workplace safety have increased.

Strengthening workplace safety weaknesses begins with an employer and staff that have the same priorities. Keep workers in a safety mindset by allowing them to help pinpoint safety needs. Workers are the ones doing the work and sometimes can help figure out the best solution.

Up-to-date resources don’t have to break the bank. Free resources abound in print and online can provide fresh informative tips and best practice solutions quickly, such as videos, infographics, or safety news articles. Balance the learning styles of multiple generations and multiple groups of workers with effective labels and signs. In advance, set safety goals for the facility. Each day, take on a small goal or topic for discussion. 

Safety Resources

How is safety progressing in the workplace? Safety managers can increase education on workplace safety, solutions, and compliance assessment using resources for any industry. Study up on subjects that impact job responsibilities with free guides and visual learning tools such as an informative Job Hazard Analysis webinar. Get tips for fall protection, lockout/tagout (LO/TO), HazCom 2012, and other frequently cited OSHA violations. Immediately address safety concerns in-house economically by increasing visual communication on quality supplies that last.

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