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OSHA’s New Safety Violation Map

By Jordy Byrd

OSHA has a new tool to plot out unsafe working conditions - a map of the United States.

The map tool tracks the number of workplace health and safety investigations (starting January 1, 2015) that have led to high fines. Specifically, it highlights enforcement cases with initial penalties above $40,000. The map identifies penalties in facilities that operate under federal OSHA regulations or an OSHA-approved state plan, and is updated weekly.

A cursory review of OSHA inspections show an $84,375 initial penalty to Portland Specialty Baking LLC in Oregon, and a $140,000 initial penalty to Jasper Contractors, Inc. in Florida. Hyperlinks provide more information about the penalties, including an itemized breakdown of violations. Penalties cover the gamut of facilities, from manufacturing plants, to America’s most dangerous jobs.